I'm not sure about other business owners, but for me, leading a company has been one amazing journey so far. I've managed to attract individuals of whom I cannot stop gushing about, and I feel so blessed to have them...yet, in terms of figuring out how to communicate really effectively, and do the often emotionally draining job of PR most efficiently, is something that I really want to streamline (so we can take 3 months off every year). 

In the bath this morning, a bulb lit while I was watching a video with two of my favourite spiritual thought leaders, Teal Swan and Ralph Smart, and some questions arose very spontaneously which I pose to my Suppagood PR Angels (homework for our next Angel meeting next Monday!). I welcome anyone else to modify this exercise for your company, and perhaps, we all can contribute to making work and life more fun!

Teal Swan and Ralph Smart, YouTube 

Teal Swan and Ralph Smart, YouTube 


These questions really probe what you enjoy about PR. And, more importantly, why. I feel this is necessary because why do things we don't feel joy doing? The things we do not like to do, tend to take extra time and drain our energies. I'm not saying we don't need to do all the things we don't like...but at least, when we do look for our next angels, we can be more streamlined on who we need to fill in the gaps, so we can each concentrate on what we truly love to do.


  1. Ground, and take three deep breaths.
  2. Be honest with yourself. Do not think about what you 'should' like.
  3. Ready? Ok let's start.
  4. Ask yourself: What is it that you truly love doing in the context of the PR work you have been doing up till now? Another way to phrase this: If you were tasked to do just ONE PR related aspect for 24 hours straight, what would that be? 
  5. Now ask yourself: Why do you like it so much?
  6. How does it make you feel when you do that task?
  7. Why does it make you feel that way?
  8. You can continue asking yourself why until you are satisfied.
  9. Remember... there is no right or wrong answer.


See you on Monday, my Angels! Looking forward to sharing (if you are comfortable doing so).

Eugenie, Chief Angel


Ps.: This was the video I was watching... It is pretty long, but definitely worth a listen. Also thank you, Teal and Ralph for doing the amazing work you do. =) 

How To Be Authentic, YouTube