You’ve been tasked to organise an event! Excited but you have no idea where to begin? We’re here to save the day, after all, our hashtag is #mouganjeong (don’t fret) for a reason. Start with an event recce.

What is recce you ask?

It’s just an abbreviation for the word reconnaissance that we in the industry have borrowed from the military.

Recce (pronounced re-ki) is generally understood as ‘checking-out’ the potential location (and an opportunity to stretch out legs and make sure they haven’t atrophied while we were at our desks.)

But I hear you saying,  anyone can go to an event location and check it out right? Unfortunately it isn’t as easy at it seems. While it may just look like we’re walking around the restaurant or hotel admiring the ceiling and carpet our brains are actually buzzing with imaginative energy putting together the event.

Here we’re going to give you a little insight into our heads and what we do while we’re taking that little stroll.


Visualise your event

When do you think it’s best start imagining/visualizing the event? Once you’re in the room? Maybe at the front door?

Lets take a restaurant for example. We would have begun analysing and visualising our event from their parking lot. We’ve already seen where we want to put our buntings and maybe directional signage.

As we walk through the reception and into the designated room / hall we’re thinking of where to put more directional signage counted how many buntings we need, if theres space for a photo wall, and where to put the registration table.

What kind of food will be suitable?

Should we have cocktail tables instead of seated guests?

What about a stage?

So many questions!

Most of the time restaurants will provide you with photos of the location prior to the visit and you can begin planning there but you must see it in person because the photos may not always show scale very well.


Ask Questions

Don’t be shy to ask the restaurant/hotel a million questions because this is your chance to. Can we change the setup? Do you have different coloured table setting? Can we have pyrotechnics (we’re still hoping for this one)? 

Remember that you’re also using this opportunity to see if there is anything else that you might be able to slip in that will make the event more memorable or brighten up the atmosphere. The representative will most of the time be more than happy to answer all your questions and work something out with you as long as it’s within their capabilities.


Details Are Important BUT Be Flexible

Now having an idea and visualisation of how you want your event is amazing but it’s also important to understand that everything may not always be exactly how you or your client want it. A balance between being sure of what you want and making the best out of the options you’re presented with, is key.

Maybe the blue isn’t how it looked in the photos and it’s a shade darker than you expected but ask yourself, will anyone else really notice? If the difference takes you more than 2 seconds to notice then you can probably work with what you have.


Have a Plan B

Murphy’s Law guys! Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!

But don’t let that dishearten you. When working on an event it’s always best to keep a cool head and calm demeanour. If something goes wrong, talk to your team and brainstorm a way to fix it. If things get a little heated, tell everyone to go cool off for 10 minutes and come back with potential solutions. 

It’s also helpful to make friends with the staff and representatives of the restaurant/hotel. After all, these will be the people who will be coming to your aid when you’re tearing your hair out.


There is no pride in becoming the ‘bridezilla’ of your event and it makes things very difficult and discouraging for the people around you. Events are fun, really, but they can be equally as stressful and it’s up to you, and your team to make the best of it. 

If you want to know more stay tuned for our next article that’ll break down and event in even more detail. We’ll see you soon!