Written by Andrea Arul,

When someone mentions the word creativity, the first thing that comes to mind is usually art, design or even embroidery, but in actuality, it’s far more than what we can visually appreciate. 

Being creative is also crafting a WOW event idea, coming up with a fantastic business strategy or something as simple as innovating an existing product.

That brings us to the question, how are some people more creative than others and is creativity a product of nature or nurture?

The answer is simple, everyone has creative potential and with some practise, that potential can be realised.

Researches have emphasised that creativity isn’t a gift for the lucky few but is a natural part of human thinking; it’s is a process, a system. Brilliant ideas are not manifested overnight, but carefully thought about, planned and executed. 

Which brings us to our next question, how can we then cultivate the creativity inside each and every one of us

It comes with experience, practice, repetition, trial and error.

People often talk about how change is important, whether it’s in politics, business or even our daily lives, and it makes it no different for creativity.

To cultivate creativity, we can’t keep doing the things we have always done. We have to change. We have to think outside the box. 

It could be as simple as challenging yourself to move out of your comfort zone by learning a new language, picking up a new sport or even reading books in genres that you are not accustomed to.

For us in the PR sector, creativity is everything. We are constantly think about new ideas to keep clients relevant in their respective industries. 

Communication processes and channels have changed over the years and are still changing making them one of the biggest challenges (and joys) we face in PR.

There are many ways a PR practitioner can cultivate his/her creativity and the Suppagood PR Angels are here to help you equip yourself in this department!

1. Be Curious.

Curiosity, killed the cat, but satisfactions brought it back.  Be open to new things, new ideas, new methods, new anything and everything. It’s  a fundamental building block for creative development and there is nothing wrong with trying, failing and learning from the experience. Even better if you try and succeed!

2. Be Observant

“My what big eyes you have”

“The better to see everything with my dear.”

Analysing your surrounding environment will guarantee to get your creative juices flowing. Making an effort to notice the small things around will go a long way.  Coupled with a healthy dose of curiosity, you’ll want to question how and why certain things are done a certain way. 

At Suppagood we’ve always believed that there are no stupid questions, the first time.  

3. Collaborate
As our Child and Family Developmental Specialist, Racheal Kwacz says:

“Collaborate, don’t compete”

We are encouraged to work in teams for a reason. Creativity blooms when there is a collaboration of minds and in turn it gives rise to brilliant original ideas. It’s is embedded in our work and becomes a way of life for us in the industry.

So to answer the question, how is creativity born - it is simply nurtured.