Written by Gina Robinson

Well hello! Let me firstly welcome myself to my first Suppagood chronicle entry. You will likely not see me here again for a long time (since my presence is a rare, priceless disappearing mystery. Just like my Faber-castell writing pens whenever Gordon lurks closeby). Nevertheless, here’s to me wrapping up 2018 in a box (a nutshell was too small) for Suppagood PR.

Looking back on 2018, it proved to be an especially significant year for us.

Achieving a Suppa Milestone

We celebrated Suppagood PR’s 5th Anniversary! That’s right, Suppagood PR is now 5 years old and in conjunction with the company’s 5th birthday, we organised a special Cookie Drop to all our media friends, clients and long-term vendors. How special you ask? The Cempicka Salted Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies are an absolute favourite for all the Suppagood Angels - who are no doubt a team of sugar addicts, or just all-round extreme food addicts! 

We also welcomed Petite Explorer Andrea Arul and Pink Vixen Sunita Gill to the team and we dare say the immediate connection and compatibility was a match-made in PR heaven! 

And with the growing team numbers also came the growing number of clients and projects. We are proud to announce that we successfully pitched and secured:

  • ZafigoX 2018'

  • Tune Protect Group

  • SOCAR Malaysia

  • Host-A-Stay

  • The Hive Bulk Foods

  • Eatigo

  • Total Startupper Challenge

Team Building and A Quick Getaway 

We had an amazing time at our Suppagood Retreat which was attended by both the PR and Talent arms. What a privileged and educational experience it was getting to learn from each other through specialised workshops, team activities and lots of fun.

A few of our Angels had the opportunity to attend a Calligraphy Workshop - we are all for enhancing current or learning new skills that contribute to the success of our work! 

Oh and, let’s not leave out that as professionals leading healthy lifestyles, we have all been actively participating in group fitness classes (um, only to fall back to our binge eating. But hey, if instagram didn’t see it, it never happened.)



Our team (and client) expansion this year is no doubt a sign of progress and growth for us, but it did not come easily. We faced many new challenges along the way that taught us a necessary lesson in WORK PRIDE, TEAMWORK and TRUST.

As the clients piled on the the avalanche of work snuck up on us we realised just how important teamwork and all that came with it was. It not only required people skills, but also a sense of maturity - which allows a person to think above any misunderstandings that may arise. 

And through it all, it was also important that we shared our individual work progress with each other - which is what we have been doing religiously every Monday of the week: reporting project status, solving issues and brainstorming ideas together. This is a great way to keep everybody on track and sailing in the same direction.

I’d say the 2018 rollercoaster ride has been a fulfilling one with all its’ highs and lows, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is to applying all the 2018 experiences gained and lessons learned to a Suppa positive, Suppa Suppa happy and Suppa Suppa Suppa successful year in 2019! 

Happy Belated New Year and Happy Chinese New Year from the one, the only, the ever fantabulous Sugar Fairy. Over and out!

Stay tuned for next months article by our new intern Charlotte on the different hats we wear as PR practitioners!