Looking back at 2017, it was a year full of ups, downs, even more ups and then, even more downs. It was memorable to say the least.

Malaysia for one, reached 60 years of independence and thats an amazing feat!

Taiwan was the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in May and Australia followed suit in early December. 

We’ve been buried in internet memes like salt bae, fidget spinners, Despacito, Shooting Stars and so many more .

But this isn’t an article about 2017.

The Suppagood Angels are looking forward to welcoming the Chinese New Year with vigour and excitement.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, one word pops into everyones mind: Prosperity! (Just like the McDonalds Burger)

Now prosperity is defined as a state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune but not just in our careers and lives, we’re also thinking of happiness and health. We are thinking about how we can increase our productivity, decrease our stress levels and cut down on long working hours. (#Chiefangel doesn't really know about the latter but we will let her know).

The obvious answer to achieve those goals was to expand our team and evenly distribute our assignments. Following that we’re proud to announce that we’ve recruited our Storyteller Nafisa Dahodwalla  and Path Finder, Gordon Lau and that they’re making a seamless transition into the Suppagood life under the guidance of our Sugar Fairy Gina! As the number of Angels increase so do the impromptu dance parties, bake-offs and tea breaks that make for amazing team bonding experiences and great brainstorming sessions. 

But 2018 is also the year of the Earth Dog, which coincidently is our Digital Alchemist J-Han’s zodiac and element, and it heralds a secure, profitable and rewarding year. While we are hopeful, we will not leave everything to fate which leads us to our next topic, future ventures!

The Suppagood Angels have three main goals this year:

  1. Expand the team further
  2. Expanding our regional reach. 
  3. Adventuring with experimental campaign strategies

With Nafisa and Gordon joining the team we’ll be looking to spread our wings further in hopes of making regional friends across Asia as a start. Our plans of world domination have begun! Only about 7 billion people to go.

We will also have more creative minds working on projects which lead us to more exciting, dynamic and even experimental strategies. 

Gone are the days of campaigns utilising traditional media thanks to the internet and the power to choose the content you consume. Communicators now have to curate their content to suit that of their audience's preference instead of force feeding them advertisements through television and radio.

It’s a complete change in how media practitioners like us need to think and makes for a free for all arena in which the prize is someones time and attention. 

Consumers now look towards brands that showcase genuine quality products with strong ethical values and are also friendly on the pocket. We are entering the era of sustainability in enterprises. Which means a trend you start now, is a trend you follow later. What should brands do? Most importantly, do their consumers really want to hear their stories? If yes, what do they want to know and what new game changing strategies can PR agency bring to the front?

We are simply bubbling with excitement at all these new prospects!

But that is enough for now, Happy Chinese New Year from the Suppagood Angels!

Wishing you and all those around you prosperity, health, wealth and the best of luck on still fitting into those pants after that reunion dinner!