You’re almost an expert! 

This is the third and final instalment of our events series of articles and in this one we’re going to go over what you should expect and prepare for on the day of the event and after it. 

If you missed the first two articles you can find them here and here.

Before we get into anything, in our first article we said that if there was law to remember it would be Murphys Law!

“Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance”, or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong”.

As a PR practitioner and in this case, event manager, you need to have plan A and B and C and D and you get the picture. 

At this point you should have already chosen your event location, day, time, prepared the activities and confirmed your setup. 

Now before the event day itself we at Suppagood PR have a long (its really long) checklist of task distributions and we rely on it quite a bit. This checklist breaks down the tasks of each Angel in charge of different ‘departments’ and helps us keep track of what has / needs to be done because trust us, it gets a little hectic. 

Our event checklist is broken down into five main departments (this will change depending on the scale and type of event but we’ll keep to media events for now)

  1. Event Coordinator
    • Usually the angel handling the account and is in charge of coordinating the event on the day. Tasked with leading the team and making sure everything is in order.
  2. Registration + Goodie Bags
    • Handles the registration table and and also RSVP reminders.
    • Prepares the goodie bags and makes sure that the inventory is in check
  3. Press Kits
    • In charge of putting together the press kits.
  4. F&B
    • Ensures the smooth flow of the service and sorts any media dietary requirements / restrictions
  5. Photography
    • Briefs and ensures that the photographer snaps the most crucial shots. 

Once thats all been sorted out, it’s always handy to keep an event bag. This magical bag will usually contain pens, clipboards, tape, string, scissors, card bowls and really anything that could come in handy. Sometimes we have snacks in there. There have been multiple occasions where this bag has become our Superman, or Superbag. 

Now its time for your event!

Go early! Extra time is always a good thing and it will give you the opportunity to do a final check of the setup and maybe even a quick dry run. Make sure your registration table is set up and ready to accept the media and any VIP’s because while we’re all Malaysian (and if you aren't, you are at heart) not all of us subscribe to its timing. 

During the event you and your team will want to keep a few things in mind. The first is to help each other and keep your eyes out for anything that may seem amiss. There will be times where things that go wrong that you may not be in charge of but to ensure the smooth flow of the event and to the benefit of your client, helping each other solve problems quickly and efficiently will never be a bad thing. You may also notice that something may be misplaced or that the photographer is lounging about during a crucial moment, help your team out!

Don’t lose your temper! We know that times can get stressful but doing so benefits nobody and has a complete opposite effect really. A very good tip that we stick to is to take a break to cool off and come back with a solution. A sour face is rather contagious. There is more merit in being the person who offers a solution and not just a problem. 

Once the event is over, this often a great opportunity to build relationships with the media and maybe even get some immediate feedback. Media people have been to many events and its up to us to speak to them and see what works and what does not. Maybe ask them about how they felt about the place and time or how the flow of the event was. 

Now that its all said and done, your client asks : “When can we expect coverage?”

Don’t panic, depending on the media there is a general timeline. Online coverage will usually come out within a few days and we’ve had some that posted as soon as the event ended. That was AMAZING. Dailies (newspapers) will be within the week and magazines will only publish the work in about two months. It is always a good idea to send out a thank you email to those who came with a soft copy of all the documents and event photos and a “We missed you at the event :(“ email to those who could not make it with the same documents. 

Thats it! Now all thats left for you to become a full event maestro is to run a few of them. If you have an event that you'd like us to run or if you have any questions, call us! We're always up for a coffee and a chat.