You’ve graduated! Now you’re ready for the next big step in life, the working world and the very first step would be to apply for a job.

Though, the traditional pathway of graduate - apply - get a job - get paid isn’t as easy as it seems. 

In 2016 there was an estimate of over 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia and that number was predicted to rise but we aren’t here to talk about that.

Through the years and months we’ve received a multitude of applications from communication graduates who (while we admire their efforts) fail to communicate their messages effectively. 

If you’re looking to get a job in the Public Relations or anywhere in the communications industry, here are some tips will definitely help you out.

 Get our names right!

Too many times have we been emailed and our Chief Angel Eugenie has become Eugene, Eugenia and the furthest yet, Augenie. Remember that this is your first impression and you are applying for a job in communications and while we understand that you are likely copy pasting an email, get the companies name right too. But we make mistakes too every now and then so there is a way to recover from this. All you have to do is to acknowledge and apologise and we’ll brush it off.

Know what Public Relations is

The term Public Relations itself is an umbrella term and there are many different kinds of PR and each company does something a little different. A PR job in a large corporation for instance would be a lot different that one in a boutique agency. Even between other small agencies the job scope, responsibilities, and skill requirements are massively different which bring us to our next point:

 Do some studying

It's always a great idea to jump onto the companies website to see who their clients are and what the job scope was. This will give you an idea as to what they do most and what kind of clients they have because that will also help you decide if this is a company that you want to work for. Assume also that interviewers will ask you about their current clients / past campaigns that you may have liked and your opinions on them. Its a great chance to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and knowledge of the industry.

Write a great cover letter

This again is your first impression! Think of this as a personal branding exercise and a showcase of your copy writing skills. We personally love it when cover letters have a good balance of humour and wit.

Follow up with us

If we don’t reply, theres a chance that we missed the email. Just give us a ring or send us another email! It shows us that you have the initiative that we need in this fast paced and ever exciting industry.

Of course these are just general guidelines and there is no "one size fits all" solution to applying for a job anywhere. If you'd like to become a Supagood PR Angel then all you have to do is email us at!

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