Written by Gina Robinson

With our team (and client list) expanding, it’s no doubt a sign of progress and growth for us, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. We’ve faced many new challenges along the way that taught us a necessary lesson in WORK PRIDE, TEAMWORK and TRUST.

As the clients piled on the the avalanche of work snuck up on us we realised just how important teamwork and all that came with it was. It not only required people skills, but also maturity and professionalism. 

Braving the storm with our clients best interests in mind, here are a few things that we learnt and thought would share with you: 

There is no ME in team WE - Each of us plays a key part in creating a successful campaign be it making media lists, preparing reports, pitching or writing press releases. You work your way up from the menial tasks to the hardcore stuff, but everyone should experience every level of duty and be willing to support each other’s roles. The success of our campaigns was never thanks to the efforts of just one person, but to the combined efforts of our team members as a whole.

Leadership and guidance - Instructions should be conveyed, not commanded. Advice should be given by someone who can lead by example and from experience. A quality leader:

    1. Seeks to find the solutions to problems instead of assigning blame 

    2. Ensures that from the start of a project one teaches how to perform various tasks in effort to reduce wasted time, effort and resources later on 

    3. Treats every job role and duty as necessary, respecting every team member for their individual strengths.

Team players that meld well together and uphold trust - Every member on our team has their own special set of skills that help us meet our goals. We always encourage each other to excel in that area of expertise, but alas like in any other work environment, there were also displays of judgement and intolerance when it came to each other’s shortcomings. This caused unhappiness and even self-doubt - an issue that we had to acknowledge and rectify. We did so by agreeing to more open channels of (straightforward) communication, awareness of ethical work behaviours and setting clear steps to take for when faced with a team disagreement/dilemma.

Willingness and ability to learn - We’re human, none of us are perfect (well except me of course, the one writing this perfect article). And if we want to give our clients the best, it is vital that we’re always keeping up with new trends and finding new ways to pitch to the media or run our events. We should be open to learning from each other to see what works and what doesn’t. We should be able to admit when we are stuck or lost - after having tried to find the solution ourselves - and others should extend their helping hand. Through this we learn together and grow strong together - as one. Cheh so drama.

Work pride - The road to success requires the right mindset amongst all team members. We realised that we needed to

    1. Elevate each other, especially to specialise in the area of work and industry we’re passionate about

    2. Work out of our comfort zone with the objective of expanding our knowledge, skill sets and ability to grow as PR practitioners

And through it all, it was also important that we shared our individual work progress with each other - which is what we have been doing religiously every Monday of the week: reporting project status, solving issues and brainstorming ideas together. This is a great way to keep everybody on track and sailing in the same direction.

I’d say the rollercoaster ride has been a fulfilling one with all its’ highs and lows, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is to applying all the experiences gained and lessons learned to a Suppa positive, Suppa Suppa happy and Suppa Suppa Suppa successful team.