In light of a recent comms blunder that happened internally at our Public Relations agency, I thought it would be imperative to bring this issue to our blog. Throughout my career as a writer, I have unfortunately sent out emails before vetting through them, which may not seem like a big deal but it is. 

It’s not something I am proud of but there have been one too many instances where I have misspelled a word, forgot to include an attachment or worst of all, sending to the wrong person. Unfortunately, these are not just careless mistakes but I simply wasn’t paying attention.

Therefore if you don’t want to be like me, you should do these things before clicking that “send” button:

Is the email address correct?
Before even crafting your email, typing down the email address is the first thing you’ll be doing, so please make sure that it’s the right one. One of the most common mistakes is typing out the first name and not checking the full email address before clicking. 

Are there any spelling errors?
Technology has made it infinitely easier for us to do anything in this world and that includes crafting emails. With plugins and widgets available for easy installation into the browser, we are often guilty of not checking our work manually. So, even with added features, you should always check your email for spelling errors.

Is your attachment there?
This is something I am totally guilty of and it makes me look like a real careless idiot. Usually before signing off an email that’s meant to have an attachment, a common phrase is used to bring attention to the fact that there is a file attached to the email. So, once you’re done typing the email out, please be sure to double-check that you have indeed virtually clipped the file to the email.

Did you do a quick overview?
It’s important to take the necessary time to more than just skim through an email. If you’re expecting a response to your issues or questions, be sure to pay attention to detail. Nothing is worse than assuming the person you’re communicating with didn’t answer your question when in actual fact, you didn’t take the time to scroll a little bit more and not read the email thoroughly.

Have you reconsidered the tone and manner of your email?
While technology makes it easier for us to communicate, it sometimes can be the reason for conflicts or hard feelings to arise. It’s imperative that you check the tone and manner of your email because some things said in the email might be misconstrued as rude. So, for example, make sure you’re not writing in capital letters and also be mindful of how you use your exclamation points and etc. 

Are you sure you want to send this email?
Is everything done right? Did you check for spelling errors? Was anything said in email considered to be offensive or be misconstrued? Did you get your point across in the right way and have taken the time to disseminate information? Before clicking send, ask yourself you are sure about this email and if not, take a beat before sending and read through it once again. Often we forget that the phone still exists and a call can sometimes prove to be more fruitful before sending an email.